Encyclopaedic local knowledge & the instincts of seasoned professionals

At Quirks, we believe that valuations are an art supported by science and we use many mediums to arrive at a market figure.

Estate agency is an intensely local business. It is essential that agents have their finger on the pulse of the locality and are aware of all the wider factors in a community that contribute not only to price fluctuations, but to supply and demand.

Thanks to a wealth of experience, Quirks have an encyclopaedic knowledge of historical and current property values, market appetite, property hotspots, and that ‘secret ingredient’, decades of local experience. Combine this with the natural instincts of seasoned valuation professionals, and the results often exceed expectations.

Quirks have two methods of appraising property. The most accurate valuations are achieved from personal appraisals which last approximately 30 minutes. We attend your property, at your convenience and without obligation, to familiarise ourselves with your home’s unique characteristics and location in the neighbourhood.

Alternatively, for those simply requiring a ‘ball park’ figure our FREE virtual on-line valuation tool is also available.

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