Referral & Letting Fees

Referral fees

Quirks work with ancillary service providers to help with the moving process. You can benefit from our experience by using one of our recommendees (which is not compulsory, you’re free to use your own provider)

Where such services are used, a referral fee may be paid, but this will not increase the fee you pay that provider, which will remain as quoted to you directly.

For indicative purposes here is a list of fees that Quirks might be paid, which are subject to the addition of VAT:

Our EPC provider is ACS Energy Services Ltd referral fees range from between ten and thirty pounds.

Mortgage Business Ltd receive fees form mortgage lenders as well as commission from insurance companies, when a transaction takes place, we receive two hundred and fifty pounds per case.

We recommend a number of Solicitors and Conveyancers, not all pay us a referral fee, but those who do are; PCS Legal, Cunningtons and NFL from whom we receive one hundred and fifty pounds per transaction.

If you rent your property through Quirks by recommending Homelet for your buildings and contents insurance, we receive five percent of the initial premium paid, this varies but on average may equate from one to three pounds per month for the first twelve months only. If you use FCC Paragon to switch your TV, Broadband and Telephone provider, we will receive twenty-five pounds per month for the duration of your use of these providers.


Lettings fees & Tenant protection Information

Standard Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST’s) post 1st June 2019.

Before the Tenancy starts

A Holding Deposit (per tenancy)- One week’s rent.

We will retain the Holding Deposit for no more than 15 calendar days (unless otherwise agreed) whilst organising the Tenancy.

One weeks rent is calculated as Rent x 12 months ÷ 52 weeks.

We will retain this Holding Deposit if the Landlord is unable to offer a tenancy due to the tenant failing an Immigration Act check (Right to Rent) or has been found to have provided false information during the application for a tenancy. The Holding Deposit will also be retained if the Landlord has offered a tenancy, on terms to their satisfaction but the tenant fails to take the tenancy.

We will return the deposit if the landlord fails to offer you a tenancy after all checks and references have been deemed satisfactory by the Agent/Landlord.


Security Deposit- Five week’s rent.

Upon commencement of the tenancy a security deposit will be held and used to offset any damages, cleaning or defaults in rent or cover any breaches of tenancy. The deposit is held in accordance with the Tenant Deposit Protection legislation.


During the Tenancy

Tenants(s) may also liable for:


An unpaid rent fee.

Should you fail to pay your rent on time you will incur a late payment fee of 3% above the Bank of England base rate, becoming payable 14 days after the rent due date.


Lost Key and/or security devices.

You will pay up to fifty pounds Including VAT plus contractors’ reasonable material and labour costs, (if more than fifty pounds), to remedy the loss of keys or replacement locks and replacement of security devices (which may also include parking permits)


Changes to the tenancy agreement (Tenants’ request).

We need to receive your request in writing, we will take our landlords instructions and if agreed, apply a charge of fifty pounds including VAT per amendment or higher if additional costs are incurred by the landlord or Quirks. You will need to pay this fee once the landlord has agreed the change(s) prior to Quirks completing the paperwork.


Early Termination (Tenants’ Request).

We need to receive your request in writing, we will take our Landlords instructions and if agreed, you must continue to pay rent, Council tax and utilities in the normal way until such time as an alternative tenant moves into the property. You will be liable to pay Quirks the equivalent of 1 months’ rent including VAT. If the change is within the last 3 months of a tenancy this fee will reduce by 50%.

This fee is to cover costs incurred by the Landlords or Quirks including, but not limited to, remarketing the property, sourcing a suitable tenant and progressing any application through to eventual ‘move in’ and associated work involved.

Finally, we reserve the right to charge a payment for damages or breaches by you of the Tenancy Agreement.


During the tenancy tenants will also be responsible for the following costs:

Council Tax

Utilities (gas electricity water including sewage),

Telephone and Broadband services, including installation.

TV charges, including costs linked to the installation, licensing and Cable or satellite services,